641. MLB Award Predictions for 2017

At the end of Spring Training, we decided to predict the award winners for the 2017 season. Nine analysts submitted predictions and not one category turned out unanimously.

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American League MVP

Patrick Melbourne: Josh Altuve, Houston
George Grotheer: Mike Trout, Anaheim
Ryan Smith: Mike Trout, Anaheim
Quinn Greenwood: Manny Machado, Baltimore
Daniel Shinnick: Mookie Betts, Boston
Devon Puchailo: Mike Trout, Anaheim
Shadman Bakht: Mike Trout, Anaheim
Ben Anderson: Mookie Betts, Boston

National League MVP

Patrick Melbourne: Anthony Rizzo, Chicago
George Grotheer: Nolan Arenado, Colorado
Ryan Smith: Kris Bryant, Chicago
Quinn Greenwood: Corey Seager, Los Angeles
Daniel Shinnick: Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona
Devon Puchailo: Kris Bryant, Chicago
Shadman Bakht: Paul Goldschmidt, Arizona
Ben Anderson: Bryce Harper, Washington

American League Cy Young

Patrick Melbourne: Chris Sale, Boston
George Grotheer: Corey Kluber, Cleveland
Ryan Smith: Chris Sale, Boston
Quinn Greenwood: Felix Hernandez, Seattle
Daniel Shinnick: Chris Sale, Boston
Devon Puchailo: Chris Sale, Boston
Shadman Bakht: Aaron Sanchez, Toronto
Ben Anderson: Chris Sale, Boston

National League Cy Young

Patrick Melbourne: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
George Grotheer: Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco
Ryan Smith: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
Quinn Greenwood: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
Daniel Shinnick: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
Devon Puchailo: Max Scherzer, Washington
Shadman Bakht: Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles
Ben Anderson: Stephen Strasburg, Washington

American League Rookie of the Year

Patrick Melbourne: Andrew Benintendi, Boston
George Grotheer: Andrew Benintendi, Boston
Ryan Smith: Andrew Benintendi, Boston
Quinn Greenwood: Yoan Moncada, Chicago
Daniel Shinnick: Andrew Benintendi, Boston
Devon Puchailo: Andrew Benintendi, Boston
Shadman Bakht: Andrew Benintendi, Boston
Ben Anderson: Andrew Benintendi, Boston

National League Rookie of the Year

Patrick Melbourne: Dansby Swanson, Atlanta
George Grotheer: Dansby Swanson, Atlanta
Ryan Smith: Dansby Swanson, Atlanta
Quinn Greenwood: Ty Blach, San Francisco
Daniel Shinnick: Tyler Glasnow, Pittsburgh
Devon Puchailo: Ozzie Albies, Atlanta
Shadman Bakht: Dansby Swanson, Atlanta
Ben Anderson: Hunter Renfroe, San Diego

American League Manager of the Year

Patrick Melbourne: Terry Francona, Cleveland
George Grotheer: Joe Girardi, New York
Ryan Smith: John Farrell, Boston
Quinn Greenwood: Terry Francona, Cleveland
Daniel Shinnick: AJ Hinch, Houston
Devon Puchailo: Buck Showalter, Baltimore
Shadman Bakht: Scott Servais, Seattle
Ben Anderson: Terry Francona, Cleveland

National League Manager of the Year

Patrick Melbourne: Bruce Bochy, San Francisco
George Grotheer: Don Mattingly, Miami
Ryan Smith: Dave Roberts, Los Angeles
Quinn Greenwood: Bruce Bochy, San Francisco
Daniel Shinnick: Dusty Baker, Washington
Devon Puchailo: Dusty Baker, Washington
Shadman Bakht: Dusty Baker, Washington
Ben Anderson: Clint Hurdle, Pittsburgh

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